The Death of SEO: Exclusive Post-mortem Report

The Past

is seo dead?

RIP – SEO tactics

In the 90’s Search Engine Optimization or SEO typically meant tweaking the website’s content to enable search engines to crawl and rank the content better. Optimizing for search engines is definitely important, because that’s vital for getting found on the internet. But at times, the optimization went overboard that some SEO’s started finding the loopholes in the search engine algorithm and started finding ways to game the system. Over optimization also meant compromise with the quality of the content. Content spinning, content theft, keyword stuffing, link buying etc. were holy grail for some SEO’s.  At times businesses were too obsessed with traffic that they were building websites for search engines and cared less about the people who were supposed be the actual target audience. Is your business doing the same mistake? Read on… Continue reading

Secrets to super charge your content

Content marketing is the art of telling the story of your brand to educate your customers without selling. More than 88% of brands around the world adopt content marketing, because this stuff works! Content marketing requires super awesome content, if you are a content marketer, here are some quick tips to super charge you content. Let’s get started! Continue reading

How to create remarkable content that your customers will love

Creating content is the core of inbound marketing. Not only just creating content is important, creating remarkable content is important. Businesses create content in various forms – articles, videos, podcasts, ebooks, infographics etc. Now you will be saying – ah yes its all easy said than done. Ok, so let me tell you how to create remarkable content. Continue reading

Inbound Marketing – Get Started Guide

Inbound Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It is an undeniable fact that it really really works. For every business out there that want to achieve something substantial and sensible in the online space should consider inbound marketing. For every aspiring online marketer out there, its very important that they understand the fundamentals of inbound marketing to connect the dots and maximise their marketing efforts. If you are new to inbound marketing, then below is a ‘get started’ guide that works! :) Continue reading

I have great content, so what now?

In the inbound marketing world everybody has been talking about content for while now and it is an undeniable fact that content is, was and always be the king. So you have made a new year resolution to employ resources to produce top quality content, cool! Another undeniable fact remains that even great content needs a little push to reach its target audience. Continue reading

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